Alberante Autobody Repair Centre


How we work.

1 We pride ourselves on what we do, as we do it well.

2 We respect our customers and the fact that a vehicle accident and the subsequent repair is and will always be a grudge purchase and associated with some degree of inconvenience and negative financial implication.

3 Our task is to conduct our repairs in such a manner that we can restore the pride in your vehicle and make the process as painless as possible, building long term relationships of trust and friendship with our customers.

Our qualified Estimators are eager to assist in preparing detailed quotations at your convenience.

Estimations are done as accurately as possible, reflecting the specific parts that should be repaired, replaced and painted.

Any work performed will however be based on what the insurance company or customer agreed to in writing and any additional repair requirements should be discussed and authorised separately.

Kindly note that the possibility of unseen damage always exist – this could to some extent be identified when disassembling the vehicle, but certain damages can only be detected at later stages during the repair or testing phases of the process.

We deal with integrity to ensure that our customers always receive exceptional value, considering that we only use the best possible refinish products available, ensuring the best result, thereby protecting the value of your vehicle.

Parts prices are subject to fluctuation and is not within our control.

It is always helpful if you have your insurer and claim details at hand during the quotation stage as different insurers employ different pricing and quotation systems – having the correct details will avoid unnecessary delays and allow us to get the repair on track as soon as possible.

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